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Webdesigner Issue 161


Das neue webdesigner Magazin ist auf dem Markt und ich bin auch zu finden.
Folgender Text wurde mit einigen Bildern/Referenzen untermalt und in der 161 Ausgabe veröffentlicht.

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After a commercial education in an economy school in Kiel, Germany, an education to a media designer in the ambit of classic media followed. After that Mirco has tried to design and develop different websites to amplify his skills. Mirco likes spending his free time with everything that surrounds the topic of media. In a creative job you accumulate experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which helps him to design innovative artwork.

Currently Mirco is employed at advertising agency mediaroad Ltd. as a media designer. His artwork is presented in his personal portfolio at

Mirco's favourite trends in web design are the production of creatively designed Flash websites and mobile applications. There are nearly 98 per cent of online users with one version of the Flash player, Mirco will show these people the possibilities to design and develop interactive Flash websites. He believes that there are so many more possibilities to designing dynamic websites or mobile applications with Flash or other new techniques like Silverlight and AJAX or Flex.

At the moment he feels there are two big things to be excited about: mobile applications and blogs. "More and more people are using blogging systems, like the new version of WordPress, to customise it for use as a content management system," he says.


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Portrait Mirco Herzberg

Geschäftsführer der Werbeagentur innographix Mirco Herzberg schreibt in diesem Bereich über neue Projekte und rund um Technik & Trends der Werbebranche.

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